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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Why choosing for ASIST Competence Center SAM ?

  • We have a focus on SAM !
  • We say the justification for SAM is "the need to apply good corporate governance”
  • We “Step into SAM” together with our customers and partners.
  • We deliver the essence of SAM with a “SAM Baseline”
  • We offer a follow up with “SAM Refresh”
  • We offer tailor-made projects, based on ITIL with “SAM services”

Microsoft SAM Gold Partner

As Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft® builds on our expertise to assess their customers' software. That means you can build on it too.

SAM Partner Advisory Council

The objective of the SAM Partner Advisory Council is to increase the success of Microsoft SAM Services and field engagement via partner input and feedback.

The 4 flavors of SAM

Step into SAM :  A SAM workshop to support you with the first steps in the SAM area.  During the project we focus on 1 vendor with a very practical approach to have a quick win and result.

SAM Baseline :   During this project we support you to have an inventory of the deployed assets, a review of licensing entitlements, and the identification of any over- or under-licensed assets.

SAM Refresh : We are convinced it is important to offer continuity, follow-up and support to you.

SAM Project : Tailor made SAM project based on the ITIL principles of Service delivery.

SAM Tools

ASIST's SAM WorkBench collects data from your environment, and processes it into meaningful, interactive Excel-based dashboards that you use to assess your software assets. With the WorkBench you can assess your server workload, actual client software usage, or license agreement compliance, among other things.

We reuse data from your existing infrastructure and systems management software. Collectors exist for:

In fact we build custom collectors and dashboards for every customer engagement. Existing PowerShell, T-SQL, or VBScripts, can easily be integrated.

The SAM WorkBench is part of a SAM Baseline engagement. After we customize the data collection processes and dashboards for your SAM Baseline, the WorkBench is left on-site so you can easily refresh your information. Training for basic usage and advanced customization is provided.

IBM® License Metric Tool is a free product that IBM makes available to IBM Passport Advantage® clients to help them determine the consumption of processor value units (PVU) for the IBM full and sub-capacity software they acquired. The tool helps clients assess if they are compliant with licensing requirements and it provides reports that are required for IBM compliance audits. It provides a great value as it helps to automate license management processes that would otherwise be very complex to manage manually. Installation and using ILMT is a contractually mandatory requirement for IBM clients licensed for IBM sub-capacity (also called virtualization capacity) products.


Software Solution
IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) SAM
Microsoft MapToolkit SAM

4 flavors of SAM

Step into SAM
SAM Baseline
SAM Refresh
SAM Project

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